How Our Conference Call Service Works:


How Our Conference Call Service Works

To participate in a conference call Guests will:

  1. Call the assigned dial-in number (received from the host)
  2. Enter the GUEST Conference Room Number (received from the host)
  3. Record their name followed by the pound (#) key

If your guests arrive before the host, they will be placed in a waiting room with music on hold, until the
host arrives. All guests who arrive after the host will automatically join the call and an entry tone will
play to the conference.

To Host a conference call:

  1. Call the assigned dial-in number
  2. Enter the HOST Conference Room number
  3. Record your name followed by pound (#) key

Once the host arrives the call will automatically begin. If the host arrives more than 10 minutes after the 1st caller, the call is ended to prevent unnecessary charges to your account. (Such as the guest calling in on the wrong day, or not ending the call when hanging up…)


Host Menu Options:


Press star (*) and the number to activate options listed below


Option 1 Sub Conference Room 1

Option 2 Sub Conference Room 2

Option 3 End Call

Option 4 Turn ON/OFF Guest Speaking Privileges

Enhanced Features:

Feature 1 Turn ON/OFF Conference Recording*

Feature 2 Play Roll Call

Feature 3 Lock/Unlock Conference Room


*High quality CD recordings of conferences can be made at the time of the conference. The host simply presses the record option to begin or end recording your conference at any time.

Guest Menu Options:

Options 1 & 2 - Sub Conference Rooms 1 and 2 respectively

Option 0 places the user back in the main conference room

SELF MUTING - # (Pound) key. This will turn the mute feature on and off for each individual. Suggest this if a caller is on a bad cellular phone connection or is in a noisy location. (If you can’t hear a caller ask them to press the #key and begin speaking. If you don’t think others are hearing you, check that you haven’t pressed the # key)

Click here if you forgot your Dial In #, Guest Room Number, or Host Room Number


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