Call Features:


It's our goal to provide you with the best tools for a successful conference call, high quality sound, great connections and features!

If you are unsure about how to use any of the features listed below or don't see a feature you would like, our Customer Care representatives will be happy to help you.  Call 800-362-9446 or click to contact us.

Sub Conference Rooms – Helpful if meeting needs to split out to resolve different action items.

Lecture Mode – (Question and Answer Mode) Turn on/off the speaking privileges of all guests

Roll Call – Play roll call to self or to everyone

Conference Recording – Start and stop conference recordings during any call

Lock Conference Room – Keep additional participants from entering

End Call – End the call and disconnect participants

Self Muting –Helpful if caller is on a bad cellular phone connection or is in a noisy location.

Unlimited number of Users per account – With personal Guest ⁄ Host Room combinations

Ability to Change Room number combinations –For an extra level of security for Host or Guest rooms

Billing Detail – by Department and Host Name, great for good record keeping!

Call Detail – e–mailed to Host upon completion of the call

Update Account Information On Line – Gives you complete control over your account information!

High quality CD recordings–Cost :$15.00 per Recording (includes S&H)



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